Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Tag : Beauty Junkie!

Assalamualaikum n hi readers! Sarah telah ditag oleh kwn kesayangan sarah iaitu Puteri.hehe. Soalan2 dibawah ni mula2 baca susah, tapi seronok pula jawab. So, jom baca jom. ^_^

1. Favorite makeup items.
Eyeliner, eye shadows, and mascara

2. Favorite High End & Drugstore brand.

High End - MAC, Real Technique, Sigma

Drugstore - Maybelline, Essence, Revlon and Silkygirl

3. What is the product you would buy even it is expensive?
Mascara and eyeliner

4. What is the product that you would not buy even if its cheap?
Lip gloss. Seriously I never buy any lip gloss. Rimas betul klu pakai, lip gloss yg ada pun menang dari contest. ^_^

5. How many makeup product do you have?
Too many. =_='

6. Did you purchase all of your makeup?
Not all. But mostly I bought. Sometimes sponsored by my parents, and my sister, and some of it are from a contest that I win

7. What is your favorite makeup season?
Spring, and Autumn

8. Any makeup tips?
- Wear a face mask before sleep, because it will reduce and shrink your pores. So it easy for you to apply makeup on next morning
- Wear a lip balm to make sure your lips don't dry

- Always moisturize your face before putting on your makeup. Wearing moisturizer is also a way to prevent your pores from clogging

9. Do you love wearing lip gloss?

10. Why? (to the previous question).
I do not like it because it is sticky and makes my lips feel thick

11. What is the most neglected makeup steps?

12. What is your first makeup application?
Eyeliner from Maybelline

13. Do you wear makeup to school?

14. How often do you clean your makeup brushes?
Twice a week

15. Do you wear makeup every single day?
Of course, no

17. If I could create one makeup item what would it be and why?
Eyeliner. I love eyeliner so much!

18. What is the most makeup items do you have?
Eyeliner and eye shadows

19. What is the least makeup items that you own?
Lip gloss

20. Describe your makeup routine in 3 words.
Matte - Natural - Flawless

Yayyy! Sudah selesai menjawab, jd sarah jemput semua pembaca blog sarah utk join. Kalau nak join backlink kt sarah ye. =)


Puteri Panda said...

Best kan jawab soalan terutama sekali bab makeup. Hehe. Terima kasih sis sebab sudi join tag. suka baca jawapan sis. muah! :)

Sarah Harun said...

@Puteri Panda..a'a, best. mula2 pening baca soalan, rupanya senang je. sama2 puteri. thanks gak sbb tag nama sis. yeke suka, thanks tau. ^_^

Renny R said...

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I love tag post.
I would want to do one for my blog too.
Do check my blog out ya, I did a lot of tag post and maybe you would like do one for your blog too.
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Have a great day ahead!

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